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Why you need a couples’ massage this Valentine’s Day


Why you need a couples’ massage this Valentine’s Day

You could just go out for dinner, or stay in with an M&S dinner for two. Or pay a lot of money for the same meal you could get in a nice restaurant for 20% less the following week. But why not treat your partner (and yourself) to a couples’ massage and really enjoy the benefits of us-time?

There’s something just a bit special about couples’ massage. Both of you having a deliciously relaxing treatment at the same time is a bonding experience and a body massage is a real treat after a hard day. Booking someone you love in for a massage is a lovely way to show you care and that you want to spend quality time with them.

It’s relationship-building

Spending time with your lover doing something that’s intimate but not the OBVIOUS shows them how much you really care about their wellbeing. Of course, you could also treat them to a voucher for a massage on their own but a shared massage is an experience you can have together.

There are also real relaxing benefits to having a massage at the same time as your partner, and it can make you less nervous if you’ve not had a massage before. There’s less awkwardness because you have your other half with you and you can chat if you feel like it or just relax into the blissful experience together.

It reduces your stress levels

There’s no getting away from the fact that we’re all a bit stressed out. Reduce the impact with a joint massage that means you both get your stress levels calmed at the same time. Reducing your stress helps protect you both against conditions like cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions and even IBS.

It improves intimacy

Having a couples’ massage helps to build intimacy because you’re having an experience together that involves touch – and being touched during a massage naturally releases the hormone oxytocin which promotes bonding and helps boost the feel-good factor.  Although it’s quite possible to boost your intimacy levels without the help of a massage session, getting a massage treatment together is a great way to strengthen your emotional connection.

Massage makes YOU feel good

When you’re having a massage, you’ll forget about the little things that get on your nerves about your partner and just enjoy being in the experience. All the tension seems to melt away from both of you during a blissful couples’ massage session – you’ll get some well-deserved peace, quiet and alone time as well as brownie points for thinking of the idea in the first place!

The fact that you’ve taken the time to do something that makes your partner feel good reflects on you too, so you can’t help but feel positive about yourself and your relationship. And a massage might well lead to more post-session intimacy if you’re lucky!

Happy Valentine’s Day xxx

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