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Make 2017 your happiest year yet


Make 2017 your happiest year yet

You don’t need lots of money, a big house, the perfect life or the best car to be happy. There are things you can do to make every day that little bit more positive, and if you practice these, you’ll soon start to see a difference in your mood.

Learn to forgive and forget – holding on to grudges never does anyone any good. Holding a grudge against someone who has upset you doesn’t affect them; it just affects YOU.

See every challenge as an opportunity – it’s a cliché and we’re not sorry. We’ll all have setbacks and challenges this year and every year. Decide to get up and over them, rather than moaning about them and getting nowhere.

Be grateful – the more you give out, the more you get back. How can you be happy with your life if you’re not grateful for what you have? Start small and the bigger things will follow.

Don’t worry about the little things. If it’s not going to matter this time next week, in a month or in a year, it’s not worth stressing about, ‘Let it go’, as the song says.

Surround yourself with positive people. Spend your time with people who uplift and inspire you, who you can laugh with and who support you. Life is too short to waste it on Mood Hoovers.

Life is funny – always see the funny side

Practice giving something out or doing something for someone without expecting anything back. Try random acts of kindness. Hold doors open for strangers, pay for someone’s coffee, and tidy a workmate’s desk when they’ve gone home. Just be nice to people. Karma works a treat; what you give out will come back.

Smile more – and watch how many people respond. Smiling (and laughing) is contagious!

Laugh more – because it releases endorphins that fight the negative effects of stress, making you feel amazing. A good old belly laugh is better for you than a workout.

Practice deep breathing – the body and mind are connected, and so just by relaxing and releasing tension through deep breathing for a few minutes every day you’ll feel more calm and centred.

Keep on learning new things. Stay curious and interested, your life will never get boring if you cultivate a healthy curiosity in what’s going on, life, the world and other people.

Indulge your creative side. Losing yourself in a creative project seems to almost stop the world, once you’re in the zone, allowing you to really get involved in what you’re doing.

De-cluttering your home or even just your workspace will have a knock on effect and help you to de-clutter your mind. Create your own sanctuary and make your personal space welcoming and relaxing.

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