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Have you tried Indian Head Massage?


Have you tried Indian Head Massage?

It sounds exotic, but an Indian Head Massage (also known as Champissage) is a great introduction to massage if you’ve never had one before, and if you are a bit shy about taking your clothes off for a full massage, it could be the ideal way to destress and get your focus back.

Indian Head Massage is an enigma because as well as being a really relaxing and soothing treatment that’s often recommended for stress, this ideal lunchtime therapy is also invigorating and energising. The best way to describe its effects is ‘balancing’ – it calms excess stress and energy and boosts your get up and go when you think it’s mostly got up and gone.

Indian Head Massage has been incorporated into Indian culture foe centuries, where it’s often carried out before big events like weddings and exams. Like many types of massage, it’s great for muscular tension – especially in your head, neck and shoulders, but has a deeper effect on the mind and can also help you to calm down your ‘mind monkeys’ – the constant stream of annoying mental chatter that never seems to shut up.

What to expect from an Indian Head Massage

You’ll be asked to come into the treatment room, where your therapist will ask you a few general questions about your health if there are any specific issues she needs to treat. Then, you can sit or lie down, and you remain fully clothed as you’ll only be having your head, neck, shoulders and upper back massaged. One point to think about; if you are going back to work after your Indian Head Massage you should ask the therapist to carry out the treatment without oil. Although it feels delicious when your scalp is massaged with soothing oil, it doesn’t look so good when you’re sat at your desk with greasy hair!

The therapist will start to massage points called ‘Marma points’ along your neck, shoulders and scalp, using different massage techniques. It can be quite a deep, intense massage in places. The compression and kneading techniques used are designed to target areas that hold on to stress and tension, so it will probably feel as if the therapist is getting right ‘in there’ as she works on your stressed-out muscles! If at any point you feel any discomfort, just tell your massage therapist and she’ll adjust the pressure. It’s not a problem.

What does Indian Head Massage do?

IHM is great for anyone who has regular headaches or migraines. It’s thought that it helps to boost blood and glucose supply to your brain. Sometimes a stress or tension headache can be brought on by posture, causing stiff neck and shoulder muscles, so a massage will help to make them more flexible, and release some of the tension that builds up.

If you’re feeling stressed and overworked, book an IHM in your lunch break or after work and you’ll soon feel better, and more able to cope with whatever your day throws at you. Even if you’re struggling to concentrate on a task and dealing with mental fog – give an Indian Head Massage a chance and see if it helps you to get the clarity you need.

Give us a try at Sala Thai Spa – we’ll give you an introduction to Indian Head Massage and you won’t look back!

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