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Hot Stone Therapy

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing type of massage that uses warmed, specially chosen smooth stones to intensify the massage. The stones are placed on various areas of your body, and sometimes the therapist will use them to massage you too.

The hot stones are placed in water and heated until they are the right temperature, and then normally placed on your back, in the palms of your hands or between your toes as part of a relaxing massage with warmed oils. The heat warms up your muscles and helps you to relax, which means that the therapist can apply a deeper pressure during the massage if there are any areas you want her to work on.

How does it feel?

The stones are smooth and flat, so they feel very comfortable on your skin. Your therapist will hold the stones in her hands before she applies them to your body, so she’ll be able to gauge the right temperature. If they feel too warm for you though, be sure to tell her.

The warmth of the stones can feel very comforting and relaxing, so a hot stone massage is excellent for stress, or even insomnia. If you feel tense but you don’t want a strong massage, or just prefer a gentler touch, it’s the perfect massage for you.

Your session will start with you undressing. When you’re ready, the therapist will start by applying oil to your body, to help the stones to glide smoothly along your muscles. A treatment usually begins with you lying on your front so that she can work on the muscles of your back, and then you’ll turn over.

What is a hot stone massage good for?

The main reason for a hot stone massage is the blissful stress relief you’ll feel, but at the same time, if you have aches and pains, especially in your back, give it a try. Circulatory problems, arthritis and joint pain and even depression can all be calmed with this treatment.

When to avoid a hot stone massage?

If you’ve just had surgery, or treatment for cancer, ask your doctor’s advice before booking a hot stone massage. If you are pregnant please make sure that you tell us first.
If you’re prone to circulatory problems, especially blood clots/thrombosis, ask your doctor’s advice first.

Please let your therapist know if you have any over bruises, wounds, inflammation, hernias or recent fractures before you start.